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HMDA and UCD Updates in Point® Version 9.7 Release

HMDA and UCD Updates in Point® Version 9.7 Release

FocusIT Inc - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) screens are even easier to navigate, functionality is enhanced and data collection for Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) and HMDA exports are refined in Point® 9.7.

We are excited to announce the latest version, Point 9.7, is now available for deployment through
MyCalyx® by your MyCalyx Administrator. See What's New in Point.

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Register for Live Webinars December 7 and 12

Recorded Overview and Instructional Videos

New and Updated Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

Complete Release Notes

If you have any questions about Point 9.7, please contact us via phone (800) 342-2599 or email

User Conference

CalyxVision 18 - Powering Your Success in 2018 and Beyond

Take advantage of high-powered sessions to stay abreast of technology updates, hot industry topics and sales and marketing tips & trends. Be better equipped to increase efficiency, reduce processing and underwriting time, and improve communication and compliance through our in-depth sessions.

Ready. Set. Start 2018 Strong. Learn More

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CalyxVision Training Sessions Update

CalyxVision Training Sessions Update

FocusIT Inc - Friday, November 17, 2017

CalyxVision Training Sessions Update


Our CalyxVision™ 18 agenda recently underwent a major overhaul. Session descriptions were updated to help you better understand the value of your attendance and why CalyxVision is the user conference you can’t afford to miss. Here’s a snapshot of one of our most popular training sessions: 


Process Green – Going Paperless

Eliminate antiquated paper files using electronic document management, exchange and requests for faster loan package delivery to processors, underwriters and investors.


  • Easier storage and access to loan file components
  • Increased security for a complete audit trail, including receipt of borrower documents
  • Access e-signatures and order services from interfaced vendors, or add your own


View the full agenda online. CalyxVision will be held February 11-14, 2018 at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco. Visit to register.

Point 9.7 is Coming!


We are excited to announce Point® Version 9.7 will be released in December. Updates made in this release reduce data entry points on the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) screen and refine data collection required for Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) and HMDA exports in accordance with the MISMO 2.6 standard.


The live overview webinars will focus on HMDA and include:


  • Default Input for LEI
  • Navigating the HMDA 2018 screen
  • Updates to Geocoding
  • Using the ULI and LEI in Point
  • Considerations for Business Rules
  • Addition of “Include in UCD” box to Automated Underwriting section
  • Printing the Written List of Service Providers form without fees


Reserve your space early.

Prequalify and Close More Loans


The webinars this week were full of key information. If you would like to prequalify difficult borrowers you may have turned away due to low FICO scores, bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale, please spend a few minutes listening to the webinar.


View the webinar!


Discover how to:


  • Gain instant, free access to agency and non-agency options to help determine the right product to fit your borrower, right from your Point file
  • Access products and pricing from lenders without signup, cost, or loan submission
  • Work with self-employed borrowers and use alternative forms of documentation
  • Expand your product offerings with interest-only options, investment properties, non-warrantable condos, and section 184 loans

CFPB 2018 QM Thresholds


The QM engine in Point will accommodate the 2018 thresholds per the CFPB announcement. Updates will be in place before the end of the year. The application date is used to determine the correct threshold. Application dates prior to January 1, 2018, will use the 2017 threshold. Application dates after January 1, 2018, or blank will use the 2018 limits.

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Point Version 9.7 Pre-release Notification

Point Version 9.7 Pre-release Notification

FocusIT Inc - Saturday, November 11, 2017


Point® Version 9.7 is scheduled for release in early December 2017. This release includes the updated MISMO 2.6 TRID schema to export new data points for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) and HMDA 2018 data collection requirements. The Fannie Mae export was also updated to include the new borrower demographic information on the Loan Application Addendum.


MISMO 2.6 Mapping Spreadsheet
MISMO 2.6 TRID Schema
Fannie Mae 3.2 Mapping Spreadsheet

Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD)

Added several data points to collect UCD required fields on the Closing Disclosure:

  • PaidOutsideOfClosingIndicator and LiabilityOrClosingAdjustmentType to identify fees as a liability or closing adjustment
  • OptionalIndicator for optional fees in section H. Other
  • Additional detail in the Payoffs and Payments section

The following mapping spreadsheets and schema are included with the Point download:

  • TRID_CalyxPoint97_MISMO26.xlsx
  • Point_9.7_Calyx_Closing_v2_6_Mapping.xlsx for the optional fee indicator
  • Point_9.1_CalyxClosing26_TRID_Schema.xsd 
Added several data points to collect loan denial reasons, automated underwriting findings, and borrower-specific data, such as age and other demographic information.

The Not applicable data point values that are not strings are exported with the ApplicabilityType attribute label.
ApplicabilityType will export a value of Applicable or NotApplicable to indicate whether the item is applicable for the HMDA export.

The HMDAEthnicityRaceSexApplicabilityType attribute indicates whether the ethnicity, race, and sex are applicable for the HMDA export if the borrower is not a natural person (that is, a corporation or trust) or when the loan is purchased.

Refer to the Point_9.7_Calyx_Closing_v2_6_Mapping.xlsx mapping spreadsheet available with the Point download for additional information.

Fannie Mae 3.2
Updated the Fannie Mae 3.2 file to include new fields on the Loan Application Addendum that collect borrower demographic information, such as sex, race, and ethnicity.

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