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Note: This needs to be done by the company’s admin.

**VIDEO: There is a video overview of this procedure at the bottom of the article.**

First, the company admin will need to login to their account.

Once logged in go to “manage point installations.”

Near the middle of the page you will see “add a user.”

Under “Nickname”, add the user’s name; also add a working email address to the “Username (Email Address)” section.

Check the third checkbox (under the 2 person icon) and then select the correct installation group (installation group varies).

Click the “save” button.

The system will send a link to the new user and instruct them on how to install Point.

*Make sure to select the same installation group applied to the rest of the company*

This is all that is necessary to send a Point install from

The next step is in PointCentral Admin Console.

The Company Admin should have this. It’s the long URL that looks like the following (the XXX are replaced by numbers referencing your server)

Once you are logged in, you will want to make sure that you have the additional license for the new user.

Click on the Home button to verify; as long as the “Users Remaining” section has a number higher than 0, you may add a new user.

*If you just purchased the new license, it may take up to 24 hours to show up here*

(If you do not see an additional license, you can go to: configuration > parameters and look for “Refresh Digital Key.” This will normally refresh the “Users Remaining” count)

If the “Users Remaining” count is above 0 go to: Users > Add User.

Add the user’s name (it is recommended to match the name that is on their NMLS license).

The User ID can be their email, first initial last name or whatever you choose. (make sure to note it so you can give it to the user)

The password must meet the password complexity requirements of: 8 characters, and contain 3 of the 4 character types (Number, symbol, Uppercase, Lowercase). Again, make sure to document the password so you may give it to the user.

For access: Launch Point.

Enter in their email address and press: Add User.

A new page will load after you press “Add User.”

Filling in the secret question and answer is optional. This is also the page where you have the option to change the password in the future. (Do enter a new password as you have already created one)

Make sure to add new User to a Group.

It’s important to add the new User to a group. On the bottom of this page is a button to add User to other User Group(s).

This will bring you to a page that lists all of your user groups. (It is recommended to only add your new User to one group)

Select the group and press: Add User to Group(s).

Once that is completed, press the “Back” button.

The new User has been created. The next steps are to give the user ID and password you created for them. They will need to install Point using the link that was emailed when you added them at

The final step is to log into Point; go to the Data Folder that you create loans in. On the top you will see the Utilities. Click on Utilities and go to dropdown lists. Then select Originator, Processor or wherever the new User best fits.

On this page enter the name, NMLS # and email. Select the state and if the User has a license enter that as well.

(if the User does not have this information you can skip it or add it later)

The name needs to match EXACTLY how you have entered it into PointCentral. (In PointCentral you can go “Users: List Users” to find their name)

After that is done, press OK and now you have successfully added a User.

Watch Video Below