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Not seeing data after Point update?

This tends to happen after a Point update and Calyx Point installation.

Why? The PointCentral server settings can also be deleted following an update or installation.

The data is still on the server and is not lost or deleted.

The company admin (whoever sent the Point install link to you) will need to perform the following steps.

  1. Log into
  2. Go to manage Point installations
  3. Find the user having issues. Note: There may be 2 or more of them so look for the one with the black text.
  4. Make sure the user is assigned to an installation group (if the user is already in one, proceed to step
  5. Double click on the user. It will highlight in yellow on the Installation group dropdown.
  6. Make sure the users installation group is the same as everyone else’s (if its hosted with us it will more than likely be focusIT XXX or PointCentral, but It can be named differently). After you have selected the correct installation group press the save button.

This should fix this specific issue most of the time. If not, please move onto the next step.

If the user is already assigned an installation group.

  1. Select the user having issues so it highlights in yellow. Please note the installation group name. Remove the user from the installation group. (On the installation group list select the one that has no text in it; then press save.)
  2. After saving, have the user open Point and close out (it is not fixed yet).
  3. The final step is to add the user back to the installation group. Double click the user so it highlights in yellow. On the installation group drop down, select the installation group the user was in and press save.
  4. The user now can open Point and it should prompt for an update and connect to the server correctly.